Here’s a list of all of our picks for the stock service from Wednesday, October 20. Each is denoted as triggering with or without market support. Tradesight recommends taking trades with market support. We were 7 for 7 today in those trades.
Off of the report, only NDAQ (with market support) worked, no risk, but barely made it $0.20:

In the Messenger, RIMM (with market support) worked:

Rich’s CREE (with market support) worked:

Rich’s AAPL (without market support) short didn’t work:

Rich’s GOOG (with market support) worked for 3 points:

My AMZN (without market support) didn’t work:

My AMGN (with market support) went enough for a partial:

Rich’s WYNN short (without market support) worked for over a point:

Rich’s AMLN (with market support) worked enough for a partial:

Rich’s AAPL short (without market support) worked for over a point:

And GS long (with market support) was working but ran out of time, so just enough for a partial:

All told, that’s seven triggers with market directional support, which are the ones that we take. Three worked great, four worked enough for partials. None of the seven didn’t work.