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Your Automated Trade Journal

The Best Trade Journal in the Business

Our students get full access to the Market Gear platform, including the shareable Trade Journal, for a deep discount of $29 a month. You won't find a better Trade Journal out there, and most require a lot of work.

AI Trade Journal Analyzer

The AI Analyzer Helps You Improve

Market Gear's AI Trade Journal Analyzer helps you become a better trader by analyzing your results and telling you what you are good at and what you need to improve.

AI Analyst

Compare Stocks to Find the Best Fit

Market Gear's AI Analyst can tell you their strengths and weaknesses with up to date information.

The Best Options Analytics

The Quick Analysis

Want a platform that lets you analyze your spreads and options strategies with ease. Market Gear makes it simple and visual.

Charting in Web and Mobile

Charting with Your Trades

Use Market Gear for deep charting options in web and mobile while connecting your broker and showing your trades and orders on the chart.

Find Stocks That Meet Your Needs

Use AI Conversations to Find Your Stocks

Market Gear allows you to sort from over 300 data points in stocks and options to find your trades. And now, using AI, you can have a back and forth conversation that narrows your scans to what you want without programming anything.