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This is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for Tradesight. Anything you wanted to know about us, you should be able to find here.

1) What does my trial include?

Your 2-week trial includes the following: Access to our 24-hour Trading Lab where you can ask our analysts questions in real-time and listen to them talk about the markets, access to the daily reports for the asset classes you are interested in (Stocks, Futures, Forex), and access to all of the trade calls (daily and intraday) for the asset classes you are interested in (Stocks, Futures, Forex). After you sign up for the trial, you will be contacted and can address which asset classes you are interested in.

2) How are the intraday calls delivered to me?

Whether you trade Stocks, Futures, or Forex, the intraday calls are delivered via Private Twitter feeds. This allows us to deliver our calls and content to anyone at whatever location they wish, whether it be their desktop, mobile phone, tablet, or text message. You can find instructions on how to sign up for the correct Twitter feeds here.

3) Can I follow Tradesight on various social media and get useful information?

Yes, you can follow our main Twitter feed here. This will get you a lot of free information about the markets and does not require that you be accepted. You can also follow our Facebook page for recaps and our YouTube page for previews and market analysis, and trade reviews.

4) How do I access the Tradesight 24-hour Trading Lab?

Follow this link to get to the Adobe login screen for our Lab. You can also use Android and Apple apps of Adobe Connect.

5) What tools does Tradesight offer for eSignal users? Is there a way to get a discount on eSignal?

Our monthly subscriptions and 6-month mentorship programs include access to our tools for eSignal. You can view the details of our tools and download them here. Yes, you can get a permanent discount on eSignal by following the links here.

6) Should I look at the monthly subscriptions or the mentorship programs?

That depends on what you are looking for. Most people take the mentorship programs first and then if they want to keep getting our calls and assistance (rather than doing it all themselves), they continue with our monthly subscriptions. Other people will try out the monthly calls first, even though they don’t have the education yet to know how to best use them, but they can typically find a way to make it useful.

7) Do I have to pay for the monthly subscriptions while I’m in a 6-month mentorship program? 

No, the mentorship programs include everything that comes with the monthly subscriptions for that asset class. It’s basically like getting the monthly subscriptions but committing to six months and paying a little extra to get one-on-one time with us and the education to learn how to trade profitably.

8) What makes the Tradesight program better than other daytrading education sites?

Most sites take advantage of the fact that most people don’t know anything about trading and try to make it look like adding indicators to your charts are what will make you successful. Indicators can be useful supplemental tools, but most of them lag what is really happening by definition. Tradesight analysts come from backgrounds in market making, floor trading, and hedge fund desks. We know what really makes the market move and how to analyze it and trade appropriately.

9) Do I have to have eSignal to use Tradesight?

Not at all. All Tradesight analysts use eSignal, and we do believe that it is the most powerful charting package out there. We also have written tools that we use to eSignal, but we can help you make money even if you don’t use eSignal yourself by guiding you on what we do. You can use our information with any broker and any charting platform.

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