The Tradesight Toolsfor NinjaTrader

Download Tradesight Indicators for NinjaTrader

Latest version 1.2, updated on 10/28/23.

Seeker/Comber Tool

The Power of Bar Counting

The Tradesight Seeker/Comber tools for NinjaTrader allow you to see our bar counting method in real-time.

Market Directional Tool

Three Lines to Improve Your Odds

The Tradesight Market Directional Tool helps you decide which trades to take based on what we teach in our program.

Levels Tool

The Guide for Trading Futures

The Tradesight Levels Tool provides you with all of our key support and resistance calculations, plus the Value Areas, on all of the contracts we cover.

Opening Range Tool

The Morning Trade

Based on what we teach in the Mentorship Program, the Opening Range tool provides you with the information you need to take advantage of this daily trade.

Pressure Thresholds

Where the Market Gets Contained

The Pressure Threshold tool gives us an expected range for the day based on more than just the prior day's information.

Average True Range

Because Averages Matter

The Average True Range on a stock can take as many days of history as you want and project a range that would result in an average move.


Not Your Average Moving Average

A VWAP is volume-weighted, so it moves differently than just a price moving average. This gives you a better understanding of where the day's action was.

Gann Rule of 8ths

Rangebound Support and Resistance

Our Gann tool works on all timeframes and provides you with a series of levels based on the Gann Rule of Eights.