Learn to Trade the Markets Profitably

For two decades, Tradesight has been teaching people how to make money in Stocks, Futures, Options, and Forex.
Our mentorship programs include a Money Back Guarantee.

Hands-on Mentoring

Tradesight offers six-month mentoring programs in the Stocks, Futures, and Forex markets. We excel at teaching people how to trade because we offer a hands-on approach to teaching you everything we know and getting you to think like we do after 20 years of trading.

Trade Calls

We offer monthly subscription services that provide specific trade calls with entry and exit points in the Stocks, Futures, and Forex markets. Our calls have a historically high success rate, and we proudly offer a decade of archives of every call that we have made so you can see our track record.

Real-time Trading Lab

All of our mentoring programs and monthly subscription services include access to our real-time Trading Lab where you can hear our analysts discuss the markets and ask all the questions that you want. We are here to help you make good decisions throughout the trading day.

Full Mobile Support

All of our services are mobile-ready. You can access our Trading Lab via phone or tablet. In addition, we deliver our market updates and trade calls via Twitter feeds, so you can get the “up to the second” information that you need wherever you want. Our service is built for today’s traders.

Mentoring Programs

Making money starts with education. The primary focus of Tradesight is to make you look at the markets like we do so that you can become a profitable trader on your own. No one becomes successful overnight because trading requires education and experience. We work with you for six months to make sure that you fully understand the markets that you are trading, whether it be Stocks, Futures, or Forex.

Trade Call Subscriptions

Tradesight offers monthly subscription services where we provide you with trade calls based on our system in the Stocks, Futures, and Forex asset classes. These calls compliment the training that we provide in our Mentoring services and are included during the six months of the various mentoring programs.


Look at what people are saying about Tradesight.
Tradesight is what made me profitable in the markets. Their approach works. They teach you from the ground up and then spend their one-on-one time breaking bad habits until you make money. They don’t stop until you are profitable.
Randy DeScanso

If you want to understand how to make money in the markets, look no further than Tradesight. There is nothing out there that gives you the depth of knowledge that these guys have. I’ve been with them for six years and it pays for itself monthly.
Steve Higgins

I had tried everything else. Other market education companies teach you about indicators and other gimmicks. Tradesight makes it about the markets and what really makes them move. You’ll never find a better place to learn how to make money consistently.
Laura Costello

Analysts with Decades of Experience

Each of Tradesight’s analysts have a unique background in trading. You get the benefits of all of their backgrounds when you choose an education or monthly trade call option.

Rich Derrick

Head Equity Analyst

Rich Derrick attended the New York Institute of Finance and worked on the trade desk of a billion dollar hedge fund. He specializes in stocks and has a unique understanding of broad market internals, which he applies to his teachings.

Mark Likos

Head Futures and Forex Analyst

Mark Likos has been trading since the early 1990s. His Futures Levels were used on the floor of the CME, and he has developed several mechanical systems to trading various contracts. Tradesight helped him converted his Levels calculations to apply them to the Forex markets.

Chris Mercer


Chris Mercer is the founder of Tradesight. He has more than two decades of experience trading stocks, futures, options, and forex. He has developed trading systems in all markets and has trained over 1000 traders on how to become successful in the markets of their interest.
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