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Analyze Technical and Fundamental Data

Detect Actionable Patterns and Trends

TrendSpider's patented tools make technical, fundamental, and alternative analysis seamless and efficient. Level up with real-time data and powerful automation.

Trading Idea Generation

Quickly Spot Ideas That Meet Your Criteria

TradeSpeider helps you find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. Search the market for specific chart patterns and candlestick formations on any timeframe.

Strategy Development

Create, Backtest, and Refine Strategies

TrendSpider's advanced technology streamlines developing, testing, refining and launching custom rules-based trading strategies on web and mobile. Use any combination of conditions that you want.

Trade Timing and Execution

Cloud-based Alerts and Bots

Get alerts when price approaches any indicator or level you are trading against. Use dynamic alerts on indicators, trendlines, and levels with just one simple click. Automate the entire trading strategy if you wish.

Check Trading Conditions

Make Sure Your Analysis is Correct

TrendSpider Smart Checklists check everything you care about every time so you never forget to check something important again. View a simple but details result instantly the moment you load a chart.