The markets gapped down, stayed flat for two hours, then dipped and came back late to inside the opening 5 minute candle on 4.1 billion NASDAQ shares.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:


ES Opening Range Play triggered long at A and worked enough for a partial, triggered short at B, technically 2 ticks too far out of range to take, but if you did, it would have worked enough for a partial:

NQ Opening Range Play:

Results: +4 ticks


GBPUSD triggered short at A, hit first target at B, still holding second half with a stop over C (would be 65 pip gain):

Results: None yet, trade is still open


Not quite as great as Monday because the start was slow.

From the Tradesight Plus Report, no calls.

From the Tradesight Plus Twitter feed, NVDA triggered short (with market support) and didn’t work:

BIDU triggered long (with market support) and didn’t quite work enough for a partial:

That’s 2 triggers with market support, none of them worke.