Not a very interesting day. The markets gapped up small, filled, and spent most of the day flat in the Value Areas on 7 billion NASDAQ shares. Here’s the ES with Levels:


The ES Opening Range was 10 points wide, which makes it almost impossible to get a valid Opening Range trigger, so we didn’t take it for once. Not much else of use happened in the futures.

ES Opening Range Play, long at A and short at B both not valid:

NQ Opening Range Play:

Results: 0 ticks


Another dead session for Forex. GBPUSD triggered short at A and stopped:

Results: -25 pips


Not much here.

From the report, TWOU triggered long (without market support) and didn’t work:

From the Twitter feed, Rich’s ERX triggered long (ETF, so no market support needed) and worked:

His MSFT triggered long (with market support) and worked:

His JPM triggered long (with market support) and worked:

That’s 3 triggers with market support, all of them worked.