The broad market gapped up a couple of points while the NASDAQ gapped up over 100. The first hour was dead and then the markets suddenly plunged on news out of Washington. Note that the low of the drop was S4:

Sadly, that was it, and then the market just drifted back up to about even and sat there for most of the rest of the day. Even when things start to look exciting, they aren’t. NASDAQ volume was 7.1 billion shares.


ES Opening Range Play triggered long at A and stopped, triggered short at B and worked enough for a partial:

NQ Opening Range Play only triggered long and was too wide to take:

Results: -10 ticks


GBPUSD triggered long at A and stopped:

Results: -25 pips


Not much triggered, but the one that did worked.

Rich’s BB triggered short (with market support) and worked:

That’s 1 trigger with market support, and it worked.