I wanted to type a reminder about how the new reports work. The Tradesight Plus Report will be posted every weekend for Monday, and then could be posted each weeknight ahead of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If my stock scans don’t turn up anything new, then no report will be posted, which means anything from the prior report that hasn’t triggered will still be valid. Either way, additional calls will be made via the Twitter feed.

Every day there will be a recap report. This will include any official trades (Stocks, Futures, and Forex) that triggered, plus anything else I want to show about the market action that day or to make an educational point.

Opening comments for Tuesday are posted to YouTube. Expect some crazy market whips while the new House and Senate try to get their rules set and while the new stimulus package is being worked on. This could be very news driven.

Longs only, in order of best construction, starting with LNTH over 16.50:

CLVS over 7.97:

ARDX over 8.33:

FTEK over 7.04:

MITK over 19.88: