One of the things that I preach when it comes to trading is that it doesn’t matter what you do in a day, or a week, or even a month. You’re putting together a year. If you can’t make money in a year, then your system isn’t working. But even a good system is going to come up against an environment for a while that it isn’t ideally suited for. And we’re now 9 years into our Forex service, and I have always said that each year, I would expect one or two months of losses, and if it is August or September, don’t be surprised, because those are typically slow months.

Our goal is to target a win ratio between 50-60 percent for the YEAR. Our system already keeps stops tight and let’s winners run if they want to.

In 2014, we had 264 triggers off of our main trade calls (again, if you have taken the courses, you can find much more to do, including trading some of the pairs beyond the EURUSD and GBPUSD, using Value Areas, the Seeker/Comber etc., but this is just about the main calls that we make in the Messenger/Twitter feed). 150 were winners. That’s at 56.8% win ratio, which is in the high side of our targeted range of 50-60%, and almost exactly the same as the prior year (57.2% winners in 2013).

If you take the 12 months in order, here were the pip gains or losses: +155, +50, -125, +70, +115, +90, +60, -20, +30, +80, +255, and +180. As you can see, the year picked up in the last three months once the US Dollar finally broke out of a narrow 11 month range. We had over 500 pips of gains just in the last 3 months.

The net gains for the year were 940 pips!

You can browse the net results of each month by clicking here and scrolling down.