Rich’s segment:
The TBT trade is still on. This week members of the EU will be selling/rolling over debt and this will be a very key event for world markets. Portugal, Italy and Spain will all be selling government paper which will likely make all the debt markets volatile. No additions or reductions to the current long position will be made unless a new high is recorded.

The VXX has been targeted as a trading vehicle. Long calls were made at point
A over 36.60, B at 35.83 and C at 37 which all worked for partial profit opportunities. Moving into earnings season, look for volatility to expand and the VXX to rise.

FAS triggers short under 29.90 and later in the week under 28.84.

GDX triggered short under 56.40 and didn’t work even for a partial.

OIH triggered short under 137 and worked only enough for a partial profit before reversing with the market.

Tradesight segment:
Big winner in IWM this week with a short at A, covered half at B, and covered the remaining at C for over a point total winner. I was looking for a rollover in the market on the third day of the year:

QQQQ strangle is now in place at $55.50:

Another IWM trade triggered short at A and stopped at B, then triggered again later in the day with small results: