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So this post is designed to easily summarize those results for 2019.

Total number of Futures trade calls that triggered in 2019: 550 (about 140 less than 2018)

Winners: 390 (about 50 less than 2018)

Losers: 163 (about 40 less than 2018)

Winning percentage: 69.8%, which is right in our target range of 65% for futures and literally 1 percent higher than 2018. We had two losing months (January and February with very small losses) and the rest of the year was just solid with five months that I consider stellar.

Net tick gains or losses for the year: +1282.5 ticks which is 300 more than 2018. It also brings our 4 year total to over 4000 ticks.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t count Value Area Plays, Seeker/Comber plays, and other trade types that we teach in our program which also work more than they don’t. This is just the basic calls that we make plus the Opening Range plays. The system is consistent and just works.