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So this post is designed to easily summarize those results for 2019.

Total number of Stock trades that triggered in 2019: 438 (down almost 200 from 2018, which will be discussed below)

Big Losers: None

Small Losers: 129 (29.5%)

Small Winners: 138 (31.5%)

Big Winners: 171 (39%)

Winning percentage: 70.5%, which is outstanding and just above our target range of 60-70%, although down slightly from the prior year which hit 75.3%.

So why was this year so different in terms of the number of trades that triggered. First of all, the Holiday layouts for Fourth of July, Christmas, and New Year’s were about the worst you can get, with all of them being in the middle of the week. That doesn’t just mean that the markets are closed for a day, which always happens, but it means that people took most of the week off for each with only a day or two bracketed between the Holiday and the weekend. In addition, as we have discussed, this was one of the slowest years of trading I have seen since 2003 in the build-up to the second Iraq War. The VIX spent too much of the year extremely low and there were too many days where the markets established a range in 15-30 minutes and spent the rest of the day stuck to the VWAP/midpoint area. There were probably less than 30 days of the whole year where the afternoons were exciting after the traders usually come back from lunch at 2 pm EST. In short, despite the fact that the markets were up, ranges were narrow and volatility was very low. Our system is designed to prevent traders from over-trading dead markets and instead wait for proper technical setups with clear market direction. So the system did exactly what it should do in environment that we saw…less trades but still around the same win ratio of 70% overall. No complaints, other than we’d like to see some volatility return in 2020.