With each stock’s recap, we will include a (with market support) or (without market support) tag, designating whether the trade triggered with or without market directional support at the time. Anything in the first five minutes will be considered WITHOUT market support because market direction cannot be determined that early.
SYNA opened at the trigger, pulled back to fill the gap, then triggered (with market support) and worked:

NTRS triggered (no market support due to opening five minutes) and worked:

FITB gapped over, no play.
In the Messenger, Rich’s BIIB long (with market support) triggered and worked:

GS short (without market support) didn’t work, but the long (with market support) did:

WFMI triggered long (with market support) worked:

Rich’s AAPL long (with market support) worked for over a point clean:

AMZN triggered short (without market support) and had a rough start but ultimately worked (was against the market anyway):

And Rich’s FCX long (with market support) worked:

That totals six triggers with market support, all of them worked.