A fairly flat opening in the markets. The ES reached down and the low of the day was Wednesday’s close to the tick (gap fill), and then we drifted higher in an 8-point total range on 1.3 billion NASDAQ shares, the lightest trading session of the year.

ES with Tradesight Levels:

NQ with Tradesight Levels:


With each stock’s recap, we will include a (with market support) or (without market support) tag, designating whether the trade triggered with or without market directional support at the time. Anything in the first five minutes will be considered WITHOUT market support because market direction cannot be determined that early. ETF calls do not require market support, and are thus either winners or losers.

From the report, nothing triggered, which is great when the market is this dead. Our top pick, PDLI, did come up to the trigger exactly.

From the Messenger/Tradesight_st Twitter Feed, NFLX triggered long (with market support) and didn’t work: