With each stock’s recap, we will include a (with market support) or (without market support) tag, designating whether the trade triggered with or without market directional support at the time. Anything in the first five minutes will be considered WITHOUT market support because market direction cannot be determined that early.
From the report, AEIS (with market support) didn’t do anything either way:

THOR short (with market support) didn’t work:

In the Messenger, Rich’s AAPL triggered short (with market support) didn’t work:

But the later trigger in AAPL at a lower price (with market support) worked enough for a gain:

Rich’s PCLN short (with market support) worked great:

Rich’s LVS (with market support) worked great:

The afternoon AAPL long (with market support) worked enough for a partial:

But the AMGN long (with market support) didn’t:

And the AMZN long (with market support) was a dead even wash:

So that totals up eight triggers with market support, 2 of which literally did nothing either way. The others were split, 3 worked and 3 didn’t.