Nice winners on the Opening Range plays again, especially the ES, but the other call on the NQ led to nothing as the NQ basically flatlined for the session. NASDAQ volume closed at 1.55 billion shares. The ES did fill its gap.

Net ticks: -7 ticks.

As usual, let’s start by taking a look at the ES and NQ with our market directional lines, VWAP, and Comber on the 5-minute chart from today’s session:

ES and NQ Opening and Institutional Range Plays:

Report Date 04/21/2015
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ES Opening Range Play triggered short at A and worked:

NQ Opening Range Play triggered short at A and eventually worked enough for a partial:

ES Tradesight Institutional Range Play:

NQ Tradesight Institutional Range Play:


Just a reminder that we use half points for ticks on the NQ and not the quarter point measurement that the exchanges switched to in recent years. This allows us to use 6 ticks as a key target as we do on the other contracts. It also keeps the value of a tick at $10, closer to the value of a tick on the other contracts.

Main call triggered short at A at 4423.00 and stopped: