An interesting session that was half size for me ahead of both BoE and ECB rate announcements. Lots of triggers, see EURUSD below. Currently still long EURUSD. New calls and Chat tonight, but half size again ahead of NFP.
Here’s a look at the US Dollar Index intraday with market directional tools:

Lots to see here. Our short triggered very early (so quarter size in this case) at A. Note the 13 buy signal from the Seeker at B that worked even at a strange time of day. That initial short stopped at C. Put it back in for European session half size, triggered short at D and stopped. Too bad, because it worked later. Meanwhile, the long triggered at E, hit first target exactly at F, stopped second half. Later in the morning, put trades back in as usual, long triggered again at G, hit first target at H, holding second half with a stop under R1: