Before we get to September’s numbers, here is a short reminder of the results from July. The full report from August can be found here.
Tradesight Tick Results for August 2012

Number of trades: 31
Number of losers: 14
Winning percentage: 54.8%
Net ticks: +6.5
Reminder: Here are the rules.
1) Totals for the month are based on trades that occurred on trading days in the calendar month.
2) Trades are based on the calls in the Messenger exactly as we call them and manage them and do not count everything you could have done from taking our courses and using our tools.
3) All trades are broken into two pieces, with the assumption that one half is sold at the first target and one half is sold at the final exit. These are then averaged. So if we made 6 ticks on one half and 12 on the second, that’s a 9-tick winner.
4) Pure losers (trades that just stop out) are considered 7 tick losers. We don’t risk more than that in the Messenger calls.
You can go through the reports and compare the breakdown that I give as each trade is reviewed.
Tradesight Tick Results for September 2012

Number of trades: 35
Number of losers: 16
Winning percentage: 54.2%
Net ticks: +17.5
September started out strong after Labor Day, but there were still a lot of flatter, light-volume days. In fact, we only had 16 days in the month that a trade triggered. However, our total number of trades was up for the month (35), so there is some activity picking up. The first week of the month looked strong out of the gate, and I thought we might be back to a more normal environment, but everything after that thinned out a bit.
We closed the month with 17.5 ticks in net gains, which is nice but nothing spectacular. Our system continues to reflect a good, low-risk strategy though. We won about 55% of our triggered trades, and our stop-loss management system doesn’t let anything get too far out of control to the downside. The issue remains that less than 6 trading days this month saw ranges above the 6-month average daily range (ADR), which isn’t enough for some of the bigger winners to play out.
We look forward to October and November, which are typically two of the better trading months of the year, to see if volume and range comes back like it started to at the beginning of September.