The markets gapped up, pulled back briefly, pushed up into lunch, and then shook both ways on the Fed announcement and closed exactly where they were at the time of the announcement on 4.1 billion NASDAQ shares.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:


ES Opening Range Play triggered short at A and worked enough for a partial, triggered long at B and worked:

NQ Opening Range Play, both triggers were out of range:

Results: +30.5 ticks


GBPUSD triggered short at A, hit first target at B, stopped second half over the entry:

Results: +10 pips


From the Tradesight Plus Report, nothing triggered.

From the Tradesight Plus Twitter feed, Rich’s DASH triggered short (without market support) and didn’t work:

His GS triggered long (with market support) and worked:

That’s 1 trigger with market support, and it worked.