Today in the Markets:

Mostly a waste of time. The markets gapped up a little and filled quickly and sat dead all day with a slightly negative bias to close out August on 4.9 billion NASDAQ shares.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:


A nothing day in the futures.

ES Opening Range Play triggered short at A and long at B and both were too far out of range to take:

Additional Futures Calls:


Results: +0 ticks

Could have been better but not much.

GBPUSD triggered short at A and stopped, triggered again later and worked:

Results: -25 pips

A really dull session to end August. We have a week left until Labor Day and then summer is officially over.

These are the Tradesight calls that triggered, Rich’s UBER triggered long (with market support) and didn’t work:

COIN triggered short (with market support) and worked:

PTON triggered long (without market support) and didn’t matter either way:

That’s 2 triggers with market support, 1 of them worked and 1 didn’t.