Today in the Markets:

The markets gap down a little bit, eventually filled and then closed about even once again on 5.1 billion in NASDAQ shares.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:

NQ with Levels:

RTY with Levels:

YM with Levels:

6B with Levels:

ZB with Levels:


We had a small winner in the futures.

ES Opening Range Play, triggered short at A and worked enough for a partial. Triggered long at B but too far out of range to take:

Additional Futures Calls:


Results: +4 ticks.


We had a small winner on the stock side. Hard to come up with too many calls when the market isn’t moving.

These are the Tradesight calls that triggered, Rich’s LYFT triggered short (without market support) and worked a little:

That’s 0 triggers with market support.