Today in the Markets:

The markets gapped up small almost filled the gap and then rallied the rest of the day to clear the Value Area from the prior day on 5.6 billion shares after the Fed.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:

NQ with Levels:

RTY with Levels:

YM with Levels:

GC with Levels:

ZB with Levels:


A loser for the session.

ES Opening Range Play, triggered long at A but too far out of range to take. Triggered short at B and stopped above midpoint:

Additional Futures Calls:


Results: -19 ticks


Not a very exciting day.

These are the Tradesight calls that triggered, Rich’s ZION triggered short (without market support) and worked:

His AXP triggered short (with market support) but didn’t work:

His FDX triggered short (with market support) but didn’t go enough to count:

That’s 2 triggers with market support, 1 didn’t work, and the other one didn’t go enough to count.