Today in the Markets:

The markets gapped up, went flat until lunch, pulled back to fill the gaps, and closed slightly positive on the ES and even on the NQ on 5.2 billion NASDAQ shares.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:

NQ with Levels:

RTY with Levels:

CL with Levels:

GC with Levels:


Two calls triggered.

ES Opening Range Play, triggered long at A, but was too far out of range to take, triggered short at B, but was too far out of range to take:

Additional Futures Calls:


Results: +0 ticks


Two calls triggered.

These are the Tradesight calls that triggered, NFLX triggered short (with market support) and worked:

AAPL triggered long (without market support due to opening 5 minutes) and worked:

That’s 1 triggered with market support, and it worked.