Today in the Markets:

The markets gapped down, did nothing for over 30 minutes, then rallied and set the Value Areas and worked the Value Areas perfectly to fill the gaps and more before coming back to close even on 5.2 billion NASDAQ shares.

ES with Levels:

ES with Market Directional:

NQ with Levels:

RTY with Levels:


Two calls triggered.

ES Opening Range Play, triggered long at A and did not work, triggered short at B and did not work:

Additional Futures Calls:


Results: -32 ticks


Three calls triggered.

These are the Tradesight calls that triggered, CRM triggered long (with market support) and worked:

Rich’s TGT triggered long (with market support) and did not go enough to count:

Rich’s BA triggered long (with market support) and did not work:

That’s 3 triggered with market support, and 1 worked and 1 did not and 1 didn’t do anything at all.