The SP gained 11 on the day but recorded a bearish candle closing well below the days open. Note that there is a gap open from Monday’s bar. Fibs have been added to the chart to map the active trading range.

Naz also closed below the open after testing the 200dma intraday. Price did use and hold above the midpoint of the trend channel.

Multi sector daily chart:

The SOX is still confined within the trend channel, note that the 13 exhaustion signal is still on deck.

The BTK is back into the pattern and was slightly stronger than the overall Naz.

The OSX had a big intraday surge but settled only modestly higher, leaving a tall tail on today’s candle.

The BKX went from top gun to last laggard on the day. The key index closed slightly lower on the day. The key break will be when the 40 area is reclaimed.

Gold was higher on the day and could be the first day of a bounce that could take price back near the 1700 breakdown.

Oil was very strong on the day but did little for the energy stocks. This is turning into a very complex and treacherous pattern.