The ES reversed and posted a first day down losing 16 on the day. Below is a clean chart to better see the failure at the upper boundary of the triangle..

NQ futures lost 25 on the day which puts it bearishly below all of the major moving averages again. The near-term DTL was never broken and is now pressuring price. 4/8 is the key area nearby at 2250 which is next support.

Multi sector daily chart:

The Dow/gold ratio could be ready to make a move:

BTK was a place to hide and top gun on the day and actually registered an inside candle. Watch this sector tomorrow for the real break.

The SOX was down 1.4% and will be below all major and minor moving averages if the 10ema is lost. Note the DTL that was added to the chart.

The BKX is trying to hang onto the triangle breakout. Price remains on the north side of the 50dma.

The OSX was very weak and remains below the 38% fib. The 13 Seeker signal will look very ominous if the Dec. low is taken out.

Oil settled below 100:

Gold make a new low on the move and a new low close. The Gann box is very close to a bearish frame shift down.