The ES was little changed on the day but did manage to fill the day’s gap. This was a pause day on the chart where the advance took a breather and consolidated the 100+ handle upside run.

NQ futures were higher by 12 on the day expanding the range of the rally. Price settled exactly at the 200dma. This could be an area where some work needs to be done on the chart. This leg of the move is now only 4 days up.

The SOX continues to bearishly lag the NDX100:

There is also a bearish condition in another intermarket pair. The XAU is still lagging gold futures which is generally bearish for the futures.

The OSX was the top gun on the day. Price challenged the 210 level but was not yet able to take it.

The BKX settled right at the 50dma. A break above this daily moving average would open the door to a bullish cross of the zero line by the MACD.

The SOX was the last laggard posting an inside day. Be sure to alarm Monday’s range for a breakout of the pattern.

Gold is still below the broken trend line.

Oil was slightly higher on the day.