The ES added 12 on the day making good on last week’s breakout of the range. Price has settled just below the 4/8 area of 1250. Expect some more probing of this level by the bulls before it is taken.

The NQ futures closed at a new high on the move. The next challenge will be the static trend line at about 2415.

Multi sector daily chart:

10-day NYSE Trin is still neutral:

The INDU is very close to testing the 200dma. Expect some important testing/backing/filling in this area.

In the very large time frame monthly chart the INDU has broken back above the 1999 high (point A). The grey band is a very key resistance and consolidation area.

The XAU was the top gun on the day:

The OSX was stronger than the broad market and the next key area will be the 50% fib.

The SOX is currently challenging the September high. A qualified breakout would be very positive for the NQ.

The BKX settled right at a very key area where the lower channel boundary converges with the top of the recent range.

Gold was higher but remains bearish:

Oil broke out and looks poised for a test of the 200dma: