The ES was higher on the day by 11 which still leaves the immediate overhead gap open. Price is still bearishly below the 10ema which the bulls need to retake to turn the trend back to short-term positive.

The NQ futures bounced 20 handles but only got as far as the dirty gap fill. The absolute gap remains open.

The 10-day Trin is still in the neutral zone.

Multi sector daily chart:

The OSX continues to bearishly underperform oil futures.

The BKX was the top performer on the day but only recorded an inside candle. The Seeker exhaustion signal suggests that the inside pattern will resolve to the downside.

The SOX outperformed the NDX bouncing off the 50dma. Expect very stiff resistance at the 10ema which is the neck level of the H&S pattern.

The OSX posted in inside day.

The BTK broke below the static trend line and bounced off the 50dma. Keep a close eye on the MACD which is very close to the zero line. A break below the zero line will intensify the downward momentum.

The XAU was the last laggard on the day but now has 2 days of bottoming tails on the chart.