This will be our last market preview for 2010. Tradesight will be closed on Friday due to the light volume, end of year, and several countries’ banks being closed. Have a Safe and Happy New Year.
The SP gained about one more point, making a new YTD high. Again, the chart has a camouflage sell signal in place.

Naz added 3 points on the day but the price action was all inside the prior day’s range.

The Dow 30 was higher by 10 on the day but something interesting happened elsewhere. The Dow 30 tracking DIA was lower on the day and saw a bump up in volume. Perhaps this is the footprints a portfolio decision. Note the volume was 116% of the typical volume.

Multi sector daily chart:

The put/call ratio bumped up:

The OSX was top gun up almost 2%:

The XAU made a small advance, still trapped in a range:

The SOX remains range bound:

The BKX remains contained by the 62% fib:

The BTK was weaker than the broad market, falling away from the first measured move target:

Oil posted an inside day:

Gold recorded the third highest close of the year. Note that the MACD has recharged without breaking the zero line.