Another slow session for futures as the market volume was horrible (NASDAQ volume only 1.5 billion at the close). One winner and two losers as the market looked setup for a nice rally late but fizzled on light volume and did nothing. See ES and NQ sections below.
Net ticks: -11.5 ticks.
First, let’s take a look at the ES and NQ with our market directional tools, plus the Seeker, plus the VWAP:

Great setup against S2 for a long in the afternoon, swept the trigger to the tick at A and failed, unfortunately triggered on a 9-bar setup completion as well as the lack of volume:

Triggered long above the Lower Pressure Threshold heading into the Value Area at A, stopped for 7 ticks (remember that we use half points for ticks on the NQ). Re-entered at B, hit first target at C, stop goes under the entry and stopped second half, no follow through: