With poor volume comes lack of action. Our first target missed the first target (and gap fill) by a tick. Another didn’t break the trigger (hit it exactly). Another triggered and stopped once, then worked a little later. The market didn’t really do anything until the minutes of the last Fed meeting were released in the afternoon, and this was one of the slowest sessions of the year overall minus the news move. NASDAQ volume closed at 1.8 billion shares.
Net ticks: -11.5 ticks.
As usual, let’s start by taking a look at the ES and NQ with our market directional lines, VWAP, and Comber on the 5-minute chart from today’s session:

Mark’s short triggered at A at 1847.00 and stopped for 7 ticks. He posted not to re-enter. My long triggered at B at 1852.50 and stopped. Triggered again at C, hit first target for 6 ticks, and second half stopped under the entry: