I keep getting emails from subscribers asking when we are going to go back to full size. The answer is the same every year. August is typically a slow month, and then the big traders tend to get back to work at some point after Labor Day. Just because we get a one-day spike due to a Fed announcement doesn’t mean that ranges are back to normal. I want to see 2-3 days of good ranges that aren’t just because of a news spike. Until then…have a look at the GBPUSD this session. Basically, 40 pips of range. Who wants to be trading heavy in that? See that section below for today’s trigger.
Here’s a look at the US Dollar Index intraday with our market directional lines:

New calls and Chat tonight after 5 pm EST when the new levels come out after global rollover.
Triggered short early at A, but gave you chances all session at B, C, D and more to enter, and finally stopped at E: