Holy Cow! What was that? The narrowest non-Holiday ranges in over 270 trading days (I checked). GBPUSD in a 60 pip range. This is why we’re half size now as the market is clearly waiting for resolution from Washington. Do these clowns not get that they have been holding up the markets with this nonsense? Stock market volume has been down for almost two months now (until this week when it picked up heading lower as it starts to get worried). 60 pips of range on the GBPUSD. Unreal.
See EURUSD and GBPUSD below for recaps.
Here’s the US Dollar Index intraday with our market directional tools:

Triggered short way early at A (so quarter size for me) and stopped. Triggered short again at B and stopped. Second half of the trade from the prior day stopped out at C over UBreak for an 80 pip winner. Too bad for the trigger at B because it triggered again at D and worked to E if you were awake:

Amazing. 60 pips of range. Triggered long at A, at least pieces of your trade depending on how you staggered the entries. It got 4 pips past the number, and stopped: