The session was a little unique in that the Forex pairs usually either do nothing after a Fed announcement or pick one direction and stick with it. In this case, the initial move was strong in favor of the Dollar, then we reversed even stronger, and then came back to par. As usual, we’re half size on triggers ahead of the Fed and full size after (give it about 10 minutes to settle). We had three triggers, two half size losers and a full size winner, all in the EURUSD. We also stopped the second half of the prior day’s GBPUSD long in the money.
Here’s the US Dollar Index intraday with our market directional lines:

New calls and Chat tonight, back to normal size. All flat at the moment.
Triggered long at A overnight for half size and eventually stopped at B ahead of the Fed announcement. Triggered short on the announcement at C and stopped. With that behind us, the full size trigger was the long at D, hit first target of 50 pips at E and stopped the second half under the entry:

Stopped the second half of the prior day’s long under LBreak at A in the money: