What in the world is with the colors on the charts? There is a method to the madness, believe it or not. Let’s just focus for this report on the fact that FOREX charts at Tradesight from now on should have the green right and lower scale background. Futures will be blue and stocks will be black.
A slow session with the EURUSD in a 60 pip range. One trigger and I finally gave up and closed it out for going nowhere. See that section below.
Here’s a look at the US Dollar Index intraday with our market directional lines:

Triggered long at A in the morning finally (no triggers overnight in a horrible range) and never did anything, so I closed it out at the end of the chart at B, which wasn’t even our 25 pip stop. Note how it had come up earlier than that to hit the Pivot (our entry) and stalled on a 9-bar setup: