Despite the craziness in the equity markets based on news out of Europe, there wasn’t as much action in Forex again. The EURUSD gapped out of the gate, one of the bigger gaps we have seen, and it eventually headed back toward Friday’s close, although didn’t get there. Meanwhile, the GBPUSD was stuck in a narrow 70 pip range. See both sections below.
The action was so limited that we didn’t even get a single Seeker or Comber signal on the EURUSD or the GBPUSD.
Here’s a look at the US Dollar Index intraday with our market directional lines:

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I was excited about the GBPUSD early as it set the UBreak exactly at A right after the open. However, it ended up triggering long at B and stopping for 25 pips. The range was only 70 pips: