We were only looking to go half size in primetime ahead of the CPI (and triple expiration), so there were two triggers, one early for quarter size and one for half size, both on the GBPUSD. See that section below.
As usual on the Sunday report, we will take a look at the action from Thursday night/Friday, then look at the daily charts of the ten pairs that we cover with the Seeker and Comber separately heading into next week (no signals or chart patterns at ALL), and then glance at the US Dollar Index.
Here’s a look at the US Dollar Index intraday with our market directional lines:

New calls and Chat tonight after 5 pm EST when the new levels come out after global rollover.
Triggered long very early (quarter size) at A and stopped. Note the Comber buy signal at the low after that, then retriggered at B, hit first target at C. Adjusted the stop in the morning under 1.5100, but should have closed at D for end of week when Europe shut down: