Closed out a 200 pip winner from the prior session to end the week, plus a new trade stopped out for half size ahead of NFP/Unemployment. See EURUSD section below.
Here’s the US Dollar Index intraday with market directional lines:

As usual on the weekend report, we will take a look at the action from Thursday night/Friday, then look at the daily charts with both the Seeker and Comber heading into the new week, and then glance at the US Dollar Index.
We have a full week ahead, but then another 3-day weekend for Martin Luther King next Monday.
Had a stop on the existing short from 1.2920 over VAL. New trades were half size ahead of NFP. Triggered short at A and stopped overnight, but note that the pair exactly used the VAL at B and never stopped the trade from the prior session. If you were awake, triggered short at C, hit first target at D, but I just missed that. Closed final piece at E from prior day for 200 pip gain: