As usual, this section of the report reviews yesterday’s trades. We note whether each triggered with or without our market support guidelines, and we recommend that people focus on trades that trigger with market directional support as those have the highest probability of working. We then summarize the results of those trades at the end of this section.
The top five long ideas off of the report all came within five cents of their triggers and DID NOT trigger, which is interesting and unusual.
BMRN (without market support because of first five minutes) triggered out of the gate and went enough for a partial, but would have been hard to get:

VLTR (with market support) triggered short, a partial, no risk, not much there:

Rich’s AAPL (without market support) triggered short out of the gate, went a point, so worked, but then reversed sharply:

Rich’s AMZN (with market support) triggered long and worked great:

FSLR (with market support) triggered long and worked great:

AMGN (with market support) triggered short and worked:

Rich’s FCX (without market support) was a slightly different style of play as he discussed in the Lab, triggered short and worked:

Rich’s second AAPL (with market support) trade triggered short and worked fine:

Rich’s FAS (with market support) didn’t work:

Rich’s WYNN (with market support) short worked fine:

Rich’s CREE (with market support) short, no risk, barely enough for a partial:

In total, that’s 7 triggers with market support. 5 worked great. 2 worked a little, no risk, just didn’t go anywhere. Not a bad week.