Forex made a small move. Futures gapped down and closed a little lower on 6.4 billion NASDAQ shares for options expiration Friday.


+ 14 ticks

Opening Range plays on ES failed on the long side and worked on the short side:

NQ OR plays were too wide with too much risk to take:

Note how the Institutional Range on the ES and NQ were resistance (especially on the NQ) in the late day rally:


+65 pips

A winner in the GBPUSD. Triggered long at A, hit first target at B, closed second half at C for end of week:


Rich’s GME triggered short (with market support) and worked:

LULU triggered short (with market support) and worked:

Rich’s FB triggered long (without market support) and didn’t work:

That’s 2 triggers with market support, both of them worked.