Tradesight Messenger 2.0 Release
This is something that is a long time coming. It takes a lot of money and programming effort to do something like this. We’re about to launch an all-new website, and the Messenger is part of that launch. In fact, I wanted it done first.
I’m going to walk you through how to use this new Messenger, what is improved in it, and talk about some of its “special features.” I have to say that I personally think that it is pretty darn cool.
The biggest complaint that customers have about Messenger 1.0 is that they have to have a web browser open to view the full message. This is no longer the case. Everything can be viewed quickly (much faster) and easily in Messenger 2.0. This includes the reports themselves.
The biggest complaint on MY end about Messenger 1.0 is that anyone can log in with a username from multiple computers. In other words, you can share the Messenger with someone else with your username. This is no longer the case. The Messenger only works on one machine at once. If you log in at home and then go to work and log in, the home version stops getting new messages. It’s that simple.
The nice bonus about this new Messenger 2.0 is that it isn’t just about Tradesight calls based on your subscription, although that is what you are paying for. Instead, it also is about news. You’ll see what I mean.
So, I’m going to walk you through step by step how this Messenger works. The old Messenger 1.0 no longer works, so please follow these exact steps to get rid of it permanently.
1) Right-Click on the Tradesight Eyeball in the lower right corner of your screen (in the system tray). Hit Exit.
2) Start…Programs…Tradesight Messenger…Uninstall.
3) Reboot. The Messenger should not come up.
OK, so you install the Messenger from this link:
Just Run it and let it install. Then, you can run it from your Start…Programs…Tradesight Messenger folder. Keep in mind that this new Messenger does not automatically start each time you turn on your computer. You have to start it manually, or you can put it in Start…Programs…Startup, and then it will start each time.
When you run the program for the first time, note the new Tradesight logo and eyeball splash screen. We’ll talk about that when the new website comes up.
You’ll get a Messenger that basically says that no Feeds were found because no username is entered. Just hit Yes or OK.
Now, the Messenger is in front of you. Hit Edit…Preferences and put in your Tradesight username and password under the General option. Hit OK.
You should now see the Feeds for the subscriptions that you pay for, plus something called “Financial Feeds.” More on that later.
Let’s go through some options first.
Hit Edit…Preferences again. You’ll see several items, including General, Tray, Cache, Archive, Browser, and Online Connections. Let’s talk about each of these.
General: There are really only two things here that matter. Your username/password for Tradesight needs to be entered. The “Play Sound Notification with new feed entry” box, which is checked by default. This means that when there is an unread message in your Tradesight feeds, you get a sound. If you don’t want the sound alerts, uncheck that and hit enter.
Tray: Several key options. “Send to tray on minimize” should always be checked. This means that if you hit the minimize button in the top right-ish corner of the Messenger, it will shrink the Messenger to an icon in your system tray. “Send to tray on close” is also checked. This means that if you hit the red X in the top right corner of the Messenger, it will also disappear and still keep running in the system tray. If you UNCHECK this and hit enter, then hitting the red X will close the program completely. “Send to tray on startup” is unchecked. If you check this and hit enter, then when you run the Messenger, it starts only in the System Tray. My suggestion is to leave all of these alone.
“Maximum number of news per notification popup.” The default setting is 5. That means that if you have the Messenger shrunk down to the system tray, a little pop-up will appear when new messages are found, but it will only show up to 5. You can change the number. “Number of seconds to display a notification group” is the number of seconds that the pop-up window will last when new messages arrive. I actually use 10 on the first setting and 5 on the second, but the defaults are the opposite because not everyone uses/has many feeds. Make changes and hit OK.
Cache: Mostly ignore.
Archive: Mostly ignore.
Browser: The default is that everything opens inside the Messenger for you to see complete messages. If you still want to exit to a separate window, you can change this and hit Apply.
Online connections is for people behind Firewalls.
So those are the settings that you can change.
Now, beyond that, in the Messenger, you should see a list of Feeds. When you click on a Feed, you’ll see the last “x” number of messages for that feed. Unlike the last Messenger, it separates things out by Feed. The messages themselves to the right include Date, Time, Title of Messenger, Feed, and soon, Author. If you click once on the message title to the right, you will see the Headline (i.e. the Trade Call or title) appear below. You will see a link underlined in blue below. Clicking on that will bring up the complete message in the Messenger. You can also double-click the Message up top.
Now, how do you set messages to update? Easy, but you have to do this manually the first time.
Right-click on each feed and hit Properties. Change the Update period to “Every Minute” unless you want it to check less often. Hit OK. Do this for each of the Tradesight feeds, and they will check for new messages each minute. Once they are set, you don’t have to do this again when you run the Messenger again as long as you hit File…Exit once and then come back in. This saves the settings.
You’ll notice that if you make the Messenger full screen, you can view complete reports in the Messenger itself instead of ever opening a separate web browser. The only issue is the recorded forex sessions, which we are working on how to cover.
Essentially, the Tradesight Messenger is what we call an RSS/Atom Reader. Therefore, we realized that we didn’t need to stop at your secure Tradesight feeds.
So, we added a bunch of real-time news feeds.
These do not update by default. You have to turn them on. If you want to turn on none, some, or all of them, that is your choice. Here is a one-by-one description of the feeds in order.
Reuters Business News: Standard Stock stuff from Reuters.
Under CNN:
Economy: Separate articles about the economy and economic numbers
Fortune: Articles from Fortune magazine
Markets: CNN’s market comments, about seven per day
Sivy on Stocks: A specific analyst’s advice from CNN on certain stocks
Under Financial Times (one of the top global financial newsletters, and certainly a big one for finance):
Asia-Pacific: Headlines out of this region
Captial Markets: Headlines for global stock indices
Currencies: Headlines for currency and forex stuff
Equities: Headlines for global stocks
Europe: Headlines out of this region
Investors Notebook: Stock recommendations from their service
US: Headlines out of this region
Under PR Newswire:
Conference Call Announcements: News on earnings calls
Earnings Forecast: Changes in earnings projections
Investment Opinions: Trading ideas from them
Under The Street:
Mad Money Lightning Round: Links to Cramer’s Mad Money Lightning Round in case you don’t watch the show
Mad Money Recap: Links to Cramer’s recaps in case you don’t watch the show
Stop Trading: Links to Cramer’s Stop Trading segment
Under Yahoo Feeds:
Bonds: A feed of information about the Bond market
Currencies: A feed of information about forex/currencies
Earnings: A feed of information about earnings releases
Economy and Government: A feed of information about economic data releases
Money Center Banks: A feed of information about banks
Upgrades/Downgrades: A feed of information about upgrades and downgrades
US Markets: A Yahoo feed of information about the US markets
So, you can activate any of these by right-clicking and hitting Properties. You can activate a group of Feeds under one title (like Financial Times) by right-clicking on the Financial Times item, hitting Properties, and changing the Update to “Every Minute” and checking “Adopt Recursively for all favorites.” This will turn all of the feeds under Financial Times on to update every minute.
Note that the Financial feeds, several of which get new articles every minute, don’t qualify for the sound alerts. Only Tradesight calls do.
In general, we fell that this Messenger provides a lot of information in a cleaner format where you can choose what you want and not have to wait for your IE or Firefox to open and get the complete message. Heck, you never even need to go to a website separately to view reports if you don’t want to.
Enjoy, and I’m looking for any feedback so we can change things.