Rich’s webinars have received terrific feedback over the years, and Rich has decided to do something a little different with his next topic. He’s created a two-part seminar. The first piece is a fundamental overview of the topic that will give traders the broad picture, while the second piece gets into the technical action and will take place a month later.
Intermarket trading, or switching between asset classes, has seen strong growth in recent years and is expected to continue. In this new series, Rich will focus on intermarket cycles and trends. The emphasis of the work will focus on understanding the rhythm of market cycles and the global implications in the marketplace.
The first part of the webinar (Saturday, April 5, 11 am EST, $50) will focus on an in-depth introduction to intermarket concepts. This webinar is expected to last approximately an hour and a half, although Rich’s webinars usually run a little long.
The second part of the webinar (tentatively set for Saturday, May 3, 11 am EST, $249, $199 for Platinum subscribers) will cover the technical analysis of intermarket cycles. This webinar is expected to last over three hours.
The topics covered in the first webinar include:
Intermarket correlations of stocks, bonds, curencies, and commodities
The business cycle and it’s influence on different investment alternatives
Disinflation/Deflation–why Japan exported disinflation in the 1990’s
The relationship between Commodities and USD: Important global implications for FOREX and stocks
Why Copper is the PhD of Commodities
How REIT’s fit into the investment cycle
Global market influences
Anticipating when big money platers are likely to move money from one asset class to another
At Tradesight, we teach a top-down approach to trading markets, but we also teach that all markets can be traded equally, and in fact, that no single market is always the most interesting. Rich’s webinar is a perfect topic for those that have always wondered when to concentrate on different markets. Even if your primary concern is one asset class, Rich will certainly help you recognize how to time the better moves in that arena based on a more macroeconomic view.
If you are currently a member, please e-mail Give her your username and tell her that you are interested in attending the initial event on April 5. If you are using your credit card on file, just send the 3-digit code on the back of the card along with your e-mail.
If you are not currently a Tradesight member, please e-mail, and she will arrange for payment.
Instructions on how to get into the webinar will be e-mailed the day before the event, and we will record the webinar. Attendees can view the recording at any time in the future, as usual.
Details on how to sign up for the technical portion of the webinar will be available later in April.

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