Hi all-
I just received a call from FX Ticker today outlining the launch process for the site, which is about two weeks behind the original plan. That’s not exactly bad considering how technology works, but it has forced them to roll this out a little differently than they originally wanted. We didn’t get to test out our part of the site as much as I would have liked prior to the launch, which is why they are calling it a “soft launch.” They aren’t going to be advertising it much initially while everyone involved gets used to working on the site. As much as it seems like a simple site, there are really a lot of pieces behind the scenes. I wouldn’t want to be their admin guy.
What they wanted in place before they put the site up was all of the pieces of their news and premium services. As I said, I was hoping to get a little more practice before they made it publicly available, but they have just gotten the final pieces of their news situation put together. Essentially, their asking us to view it as a “beta-site” for about a month, meaning we’re all going to get used to posting there and stuff like that.
First, a few people have asked me “Why are you allowing the Tradesight Forex service to go down to $25?” It isn’t as simple as that. Mark and I are essentially being “contracted” by FX Ticker to post exclusive content on the site in terms of explanations of trades and general market commentary. So instead of just looking at the service in terms of a subscription product for us, we’re now looking at it as a much cheaper service that could therefore interest many more people that we will be exposed to through FX Ticker at a lower price point, plus a contract to put stuff on their site and keep an on-going discussion of the forex markets. I will say that this step is the first in a process that will hopefully lead to 24-hour (or at least 16-hour) coverage of the forex markets from a Tradesight perspective. I’ll leave it at that for now. Obviously, we wouldn’t just drop the price 83.2% (from our end, you need their $29.95 premium service too) for no reason. The plan is to provide the Levels in many pairs and cover the markets in terms of how the pairs are playing out against the Levels from the Asian market, through the European session, and into the North American session. We might even do it in multiple languages.
OK, so back to the launch. We’re asking for everyone’s patience on this because it is a complex beast. It looks like by Friday late in the day, they will put the site up at www.fxticker.com. The site will include the following:
1) Global Economic Calendar
2) A few streaming-but-delayed free news headlines that relate to the forex markets
3) Multi-topic bulletin board to discuss forex platforms, forex trading, etc.
4) There will be a lot of on-line free seminar from industry professionals of all sorts
5) Polls
6) Free market educational commentary
And the Premium service.
What you’ll do is this. Once the site is up, register yourself with the site. Pick a username and password (doesn’t have anything to do with Tradesight, so don’t worry about making them the same). After that, you’ll see a box on the home page when you are logged in that offers the Premium Service. Click on that, go through the shopping cart, and make the Premium purchase for $29.95. I actually referred them to our billing company because they were having problems with the software from another company, so the shopping cart process should look familiar to most of you.
Once you have the Premium subscription taken care of, you’ll get three things.
1) Access to the Premium tab on the website at FX Ticker when you are logged in.
2) A coupon code for Tradesight Forex via e-mail.
3) Permission to use their really cool news tool.
Now, the delay this month from what I understand had to do with the news tool itself, and so what you’ll get for the first month or so will be a little different than what they ultimately will get you later in March. Basically, for now, once you are a Premium subscriber, if you go to the Premium tab on the site, you will get real-time economic and forex only news scrolling on the page (like you would see at Briefing.com) . This news feed is supposed to be great, and they are tweaking it over the next two months to get better. They don’t want earnings and stock market information. Just the type of stuff that forex traders would care about, delivered instantaneously. I’m hearing economic data headlines will hit even faster than Briefing, especially once the full pop-up tool is available in a month. If you have Briefing but mostly use it for economic data and not for news throughout the day, this will replace that.
In about a month, they will give you a download link to install a tool that will show in your system tray. Instead of waiting for a web site to refresh, this tool will delivery these forex-specific headlines in a pop-up manner (like an Instant Message program) straight to the lower-right corner of your desktop. If you click on the headline, it goes to the full story, but for many people, the fast headlines will be enough, and the beauty is that you don’t have to sit on a webpage to get them. It’s pretty neat stuff. In my opinion, it’s useful for people trading ANY markets that want quick economic headlines.
Once that pop-up tool is delivered, then the Premium tab on the website will be a page for deeper market projections and analysis that is somewhat forward-thinking from both Tradesight and AimeFX (some of you met Clay in the Chat room last week).
So the site will have two tabs for forex commentary. The regular, non-Premium market tab will just be for review commentary (i.e. “US Dollar is stronger, really working best against the CHF” or “Here’s an example of a Demark bounce off of a Break level” with the chart). The Premium tab will have stuff like our beginning of the week overview of the US Dollar index, etc.
If you are an existing subscriber, once you have the Tradesight code from FX Ticker, e-mail it to kim@tradesight.com and we will make adjustments to your account over here. It may take a few days, but we consider that you should have the $25 rate effective whenever you get us the code for your existing account, and we will prorate and credit the difference shortly as we said in prior messages. If you are not a Tradesight subscriber and have been waiting for the FX Ticker launch to sign up with us, then you should be able to take that code, go to www.tradesight.com, hit Subscribe Now, and use that code in the shopping cart so that you will be billed $25 instead of $149 for the service. Again, if you sign up this weekend and something goes wrong with the billing (i.e. it charges you $149 instead of $25); INSERT INTO `wp_posts` (`ID`, `post_author`, `post_date`, `post_date_gmt`, `post_content`, `post_title`, `post_category`, `post_excerpt`, `post_status`, `comment_status`, `ping_status`, `post_password`, `post_name`, `to_ping`, `pinged`, `post_modified`, `post_modified_gmt`, `post_content_filtered`, `post_parent`, `guid`, `menu_order`, `post_type`, `post_mime_type`, `comment_count`) VALUES we will obviously fix it. We thank you in advance for your patience in helping us work through this.
To be clear, if you are a forex-only customer or forex is part of your regular subscription and you are charged $149 for the service on March 1 and then get the code to us March 3, you will be credited back about $115 proration for the rest of the month of March, as we said before. We simply cannot start the new pricing under contract until FX Ticker “launches” and makes the premium service available.
Final note. This has gone out before, but I just want to remind everyone. Our new pricing is 100% effective the day that FX Ticker “soft launches,” so I wanted to run everyone through the pricing once again as forex is now 100% on it’s own and not in the platinum package.
Here we go:
Forex service $149 ($25 with FX Ticker coupon as long as you continue to subscribe to FX Ticker Premium)
That’s separate and then:
Stock service $199
Small Cap $50 as add-on to stocks or $75 by itself
ETF $50
Futures Levels $50
English Chat/Trading Room $59
Those services without Forex add up to $408. If you take them all, you get a discounted “Platinum package” price of $379.
To be clear, obviously the bulk of the discount here relates to the forex service itself. Platinum subscribers were already receiving a deep discount at $460 versus about $550 for each of the services individually before. So someone that is just taking Forex goes from paying $149 to paying $55 (including the cost of the FX Ticker Premium and the news tool). That same discount applies to someone that had two services, let’s say forex and futures. Someone that had the Platinum Package goes from $460 to about $430 (with FX Ticker Premium). The savings are less because the discount was already in place and the other services are not being discounted more. But, it is less money and you do get the news tool as well. And then again, many of you will be able to cancel Briefing.com with this.
So, hope that clears everything up, and I hope you enjoy FX Ticker. I saw the site late last week and it looks very clean. I do plan to make it my stop for an Economic Calendar and news, and Mark and I look forward to contributing to the total site with content. Please be patient with the process as we have a lot of people to get adjusted in our billing system. Just know that Tradesight’s new pricing goes into effect as soon as FX Ticker puts their site up, and we will make your Forex service adjust to the new $25 price effective whichever date you give us the coupon.
Good trading, and thanks for being the best subscribers in the world.
Chris Mercer