So, here we go. Every year, near the end of the year, I start looking into the New Year and thinking about what we can do to improve Tradesight. While some of this is still “floating” in terms of a timetable, our concentration right now is to help provide more market/stock timing information to help people trade from different perspectives. That will help people have different styles of trading, if they so choose, for different types of markets.
One of the keys to this is going to be more interaction in the Chat room about timing exits and entries. Our own Rich Derrick has been secretly slaving away in an undisclosed location (OK, fine, his office) on a multi-hour seminar. This seminar will be givien on Saturday, November 18, 2006. Here are the details:
Identify potential price exhaustion points so you can anticipate likely reversal areas and improve entry/exit executions by transacting at more favorable price points.
The seminar will cover the application of objective, mechanical techniques for the FOREX, equity, and futures markets in daily and intraday timeframes.
Topics will include:
• DeMark bar counting techniques, 9 and 13 bar runs, as well as alternate methods for identifying price exhaustion upon completion of 13 bar runs.
• Mechanically identify trending vs. non-trending price action
• Objectively generate trade ideas and levels to improve execution
• Key moving average crosses as signal confirmation to enter/exit trades earlier
• ADX, directional movement indicator as an intraday timing tool
• Static trendline velocity breakout/breakdowns
Upon conclusion of the seminar, traders of all experience levels will have a more objective, mechanical understanding of chart construction and market timing. The cost of the seminar will be $299.
Along with this seminar, we will be adding an additional Messenger feed for about $10 per month. This feed will provide a list of stocks daily that are completing 13-bar exhaustions. In addition, we will be stepping up conversations about these techniques in the room as we head into 2007, so those who have taken the seminar will have a definite edge in terms of understanding what we are talking about.
There’s more.
In December 2006, I will be (finally) giving my six-hour Brute Force Trading with Clean Chart seminar as well. Details to follow.
In addition, we have almost completed a version upgrade on the Tradesight Messenger that will eliminate the need to jump to IE or Mozilla to read the full text of a message. It should therefore be much cleaner and faster.
Our Chat room software is about to be upgraded with live chart sharing (instead of static) and polling features. Expect that in Q1 2007.
Finally, in an effort to include more education for forex subscribers, beginning December 1, 2006, the forex subscription will now INCLUDE the link to the Chat room educational recording. You still won’t be able to enter the Chat room and participate in the evening Chat sessions without a Trading Room subscription, but you will get all of the comments that we make in those sessions going forward. This should help many people, especially those who have been trying to trade forex without taking the 6-hour course.
We hope that all of these items put together will help create the next giant leap for our subscribers in their trading in 2007.
Seminar sign-up will begin in the second week of November.
Thanks for being the best subscribers in the world.
Chris Mercer