The SP added 13 to yesterday’s reversal attempt. Price settled back above the 10ema and has a trade-to-target at the 1190 open gap.

The Naz was higher 15 on the day with a next target of 2175 that would fill the 8/18/11 gap.

Multi sector daily chart:

The BKX was top gun, up 3%, settling back above the 0/8 Gann level. The real test for the financials will be the getting back into an ultimately above the price channel.

The OSX was only slightly higher on the day. Note that price is still below the 10ema and there has been no crossover by the MACD.

The BTK still has more work to do before exiting the triangle pattern.

SOX was unchanged but at a critical area. Set an alarm for a break over Wednesday’s high of 348.68. Getting over this level also puts the trend channel back in play.

The XAU was the last laggard on the day, down 2%. This was fueled by the sharp downside follow through in gold that took the futures down $100 on the day.

Fibonacci retracements have been added to the gold chart. Note how the 0.618 was a key acceleration point. This should add importance on the way down as support.

Oil did very little on the day. Note the pattern that is being traced out on the daily.