We post our daily results. You can access any of our systems through a 2-week free trial to make sure that we are honestly reporting the trades and what happened. All of our results are archived both publicly and privately for review and validation.

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So this post is designed to easily summarize those results for 2016.

Total number of Futures trade calls that triggered in 2016: 740

Winners: 467

Losers: 243

Winning percentage: 63.1%, which is a little light but still near our target range of 65% for futures. However, our system should account for this because we keep the losers tight.

Net tick gains or losses for the year: +1440.5 ticks. That means that with a $10,000 account, trading 2 contracts of all trades, you would have made over $28,000, and this scales to any trade size you want.

We had one negative month, and we kept our win/loss ratio close to the ideal level and kept our losers tight. This is what we do at Tradesight, and the track record has been there day-by-day. These results are only part of the trading system of Tradesight, but counts all of our primary trade calls and Opening Range plays. It does not include Institutional Range plays, Value Area Plays, additional setups, and the Seeker/Comber trades, all of which should only add to your results.

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