As I mentioned, the first day or two after the time change can be fairly flat as the volume of the Forex pairs changes slightly since the hours aren’t synced the same. This led to 40 pips of range in the EURUSD for the session. Our GBPUSD trade triggered, see below. Hopefully, we shake this off and get back to ranges immediately. Note that my charts are now on Pacific Time.
Here’s a look at the US Dollar Index intraday with our market directional lines:

New calls and Chat tonight after 5 pm EST when the new levels come out after global rollover.
We had a long over the Pivot, but it triggered too late in the session (just as I was taking screenshots):

Triggered short at A, retested the trigger perfectly at B, and then didn’t quite get to the first target. The trade took hours to play out, so in the morning, I lowered the stop just over VAL for little risk and stopped at C: